Pilgrimages devotion to the immaculate heart of Mary

Any prayer made with devotion and love for Mary can be considered a practice of devotion itself.
The believers have great freedom to turn to their Heavenly Mother, who will listen to every single prayer addressed to her, through the Spirit of God. There are many prayers to the Holy Virgin Mary which have spring from the believers' devotion, over the centuries and which the Church has encouraged in a variety of ways. The Rosary is a prime example. It has always been encouraged by the popes. In Fatima, the Virgin Mary encouraged us to devote ourselves to the first five Saturdays of the month. This consists of the following actions :


1. Daily confession
2. Communion on the First Saturday of the month
3. The reciting of the Rosary
4. The meditation of the Mysteried of the Rosary while keeping our Lady company for fifteen


This repair concerns five sins committed against the heart of the Immaculate Mary :


1. The Blasphemies committed against her Immaculate Conception.
2. Those committed against her perpetual virginity.
3. Those committed against her Divine Maternity ;
4. Those who sow indifference contempt or hatred towards Mary in the heart of children ;
5. Those who insult Mary through pictures.


The current situation shows how much this practice requested by Our Lady corresponds to the needs of the Church and the world. The reciting of the Rosary is an encouragement to constant prayer, which i s taught by the Holy Gospel and constantly reminded by ministers. But faced with ever pressing needs, and lack of attendance, the Virgin Mary reminded us of those duties, several times, as in Pontmain, for example : 'But pray, children!' The fact of this request five Saturdays in a row, encourages us to virtue, by repeating those actions that will let us acquire it and keep it in our life because a soul who communicates often, and of course, is a condition to do so and on its way to salvation, according to Saint Thomas d’Aquin.

Finally, meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary wants us to penetrate ever deeper into the intimacy of Jesus Christ our Savior, and of his Mother's, in other words, into the intimacy of the united Hearts. Or, to say things with the words of Saint John Etudes : in the Heart of Jesus and Mary. This is what devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary should lead us to and this is what can hasten the coming of the reign of Christ through the reign of the Heart of Mary. The reign must begin in each one of us. TO JESUS THROUGH MARY.

Fatima by coach
Departure from Valencia (Spain)

Devotion to the immaculate heart of Mary
From friday May 02 / monday May 05, 2025
From friday June 06 / monday June 09, 2025
From friday July 04 / monday July 07, 2025
From friday August 01 / monday August 04, 2025

From friday September 05 / monday September 08, 2025

Come discover the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima and participate in the devotion to the immaculate Heart of Mary

This tour includes coach travel / full board / 3-star hotel at the sanctuary / spiritual program / Repatriation insurance.

Price: €295.00

Information and registration by appointment for Fatimae Rosarium pilgrimages: Ronda Cabanyal, 24, 46410, Sueca, Valencia, Spain

Phone: Juan Jesus (+34) 638318355


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